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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


~ a fantastical tale of sexual seduction that ends in horror ~
~ a sticky-sweet tale of erotic horror ~

Terrance’s gaze traced her curves upward.  His hungry eyes met hers, and they shared a smile.  Bee liked his pearly-white smile and the statement it made about how much he wanted her now.  When he sat up and peeled off his dark grey sweater, she saw his ribs expanding and contracting with the rhythm of his breathing, quickened by his growing need for her.  A nice-sized bulge tented his khakis.  His feet worked to push the black boots off.  Bee continued her burlesque, shrugging the blouse off, but letting it gather around her lower arms.  She stepped toward him and placed her foot on the bed between his legs.  She let the blouse slide away and thrust her breasts toward his face, before turning her back to him.  She eased down onto his bulge, not quite settling her weight.

Terrance unclasped her bra, then pushed her hips down to make closer contact between her ass and his groin.  She ground around on him for a moment, then stood.  Terrance hooked the edges of her panties and slipped them down as she rose. 

“That is a sumptuous ass, Honey Bee,” he said.

“Sumptuous.  That’s a new one.”

Bee turned, giving him the full visual experience of her bare breasts, her classic curves, and the tattoo of a bee hive located just above her shaved muff, complete with an amber droplet falling toward her slit.

Terrance chuckled with delight.  “That’s perfect,” he stated.

“I think you’ll find that it truly is,” she answered.

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