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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Say Hello to FREE" Giveaway January 12-13

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From a reader review: "WOW! This was such a great read. Author Cassie Rae has taken horror and blended erotica together for one of the most unforgettable [stories] I have read this year. The Love scene and the surprising ending was one I never had expected. I still get shivers thinking about [it]."

Just a small-town girl, Beatrice wants nothing more than a good time with good friends...always intrigued by a stranger, and up for an adventure, Bee sets her sights on the mysterious dark writer who just slipped into town...

Read 3 excerpts below from SAY HELLO TO HONEY BEE

And just like that, helped along by some of her practiced country charm and a smattering of clever quips, Honey Bee had lured Mr. Terrance Shuler into her sticky-sweet trap. 

...Honey Bee’s tour of her well-kept home, with its various bee-motifed accents, was cleverly choreographed, ending conveniently at the guest bedroom, where a king-size bed fitted, underneath yellow and black bed clothes, with rubber sheets dominated the room in a caddy-corner position. Dark shades kept the room in constant night, broken by the sparkling nightlight that cast giant shadows on the clean maroon walls.  

...Bee upped the ante by grabbing his ass cheeks, burying her nails in them as she forced him toward her and deeper than even he intended to go. It took only three strokes of this, and Terrance was wailing full volume, an outcry that signaled his eruption. Bee pushed his hips back and opened her mouth wide, staring up at Terrance the way all the girls did in the porno movies, flicking her tongue on the head of his cock. Terrance tensed up like he was being electrocuted, and fired the first round of a steaming hot orgasm that hit Bee almost hard enough to sting. She giggled again, letting his vanilla-colored seed paint her face as her issue had painted his. As Terrance was coming, she caught sight of the little tattoo he had on his lower stomach; a skull in the middle of a spider web, like something a biker would wear, not a writer.